Making 2023 My Year

A new year is here! New year, new me…right? So many people say to not set resolutions, to not start with a new gym or eating goal, and to just keep doing what you’ve been doing because well you’re bound to fail anyway.

I think that this is totally wrong! Yep, WRONG! I believe in resolutions, in fact, I love them! And I love that often times they’re set at the beginning of the year because it’s like a mental reset point.

This year, I started the year off with some pretty hefty resolutions. The one at the top of my list was that I complete the PowHer.Fit $50,000 Challenge! This challenge runs 6 months, from January 2023 to July 2023 with the entire point being, not only weight loss, but lifestyle change. I need a lifestyle change. I realize that as I round in on 30 this July that I need to do something FOR ME and my health. I have a family that needs me so I’ve got to stop playing around so much with my health. What better a way than a good BIG challenge?!

I found this challenge on Instagram. I encourage every female to follow PowHer.Fit on social media and following along. There are different challenges done throughout the year and with membership you get a WIDE VARIETY of workout options from at home to gym. SO MANY PROGRAMS.

I plan to take this time to reflect, grow, and be the best me. I realize with these health changes I’m not only setting myself up for success, but it’s going to impact everyone in my life positively. I’ve only been at this since January 1st and I already CRAVE the need to workout. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way and it is refreshing!

I can’t wait to see where I go in this 6 month journey and if you want to follow along, find me on Instagram. I’m about to be blowing it up daily! If you’re one of those that prefers to watch from the sidelines with occasional check-ins, no worries…I’ll be updating here weekly!

I’m excited for the change, the challenge, and the chance to be my best self!


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