300 Things – “Write the Vision”

Do your best. Be your best.

Steve Harvey spoke on this list of 300 things a few years ago. After learning more about it, I think this is a list everyone needs to make! He says to create a list of 300 things… hopes, dreams, visions, aspirations. They can be HUGE things or small things. Just 300 things. Read over your list daily. Then in one year from the day you make the list, go back to the list and mark out the ones you have succeeded at. I see it as a way of putting your goals and dreams on paper and holding yourself accountable even if they’re so far fetched you might not ever accomplish them in your lifetime. He also says to pray about the things on your list and to remember the verses –
James 4:2-3 “You have not because you ask not”
Habakkuk 2:3 “Write your vision, make it plain”

Now, this isn’t saying God is going to fulfill your every wish of the 300 things on that paper, but asking God to lead you to be your best you and go after your goals to see how good you’re doing is a great reality check and a chance to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

It took me 3 days to write my list. It was so hard to think of things without reserve because most of us are taught to only go after what we think we can obtain. This is list is all about EVERYTHING you want, obtainable or not. I found in writing my list there were materialistic things, religious things, things to better myself, work related things, friendship related things, travel related things, marriage related things, mom related things, and more. It was eye-opening and in the best way. I feel reenergized about life and achieving goals.

If you’d like to watch the video of Steve Harvey explaining this list here it is:

I’d suggest watching it. The man has a way with words.

I’ll admit I even took to the Internet to see if others had posted their lists because I was stumped! I really only found a few. I feel these lists are pretty personal so many didn’t want to share, but I think that’s one of the joyous parts! It’s a list all your own! Yes, you might have some same things as others, but no two lists will be the same. It’s beautiful. Maybe at the end of 2023 I’ll share my whole list.

If you choose to make a list and start to get stumped thing of things like:
Where do you want to travel?
How many cars do you want to own?
What color do you want these cars to be?
How much money do you want in the bank?
What kind of home do you want to own?
What are some fears you have that maybe you want to get over?
What are some extreme materialistic items you want?
What are some ways you want to grow as a person?

I made it to 40 before I had my first round of writers block and was able to get to 75 before stopping for day 1. After day 2, I had found 132 deep inside my soul. I told myself I needed all 300 by the end of day 3. I kept having to remind myself that there is no dream too big, or wish to outlandish, just write it down. 18.5 pages later in my journal and I feel like I’ve made some huge accomplishment.

Make the list. I promise you won’t regret it.


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