Buy Dirt

That’s exactly what we did. We bought dirt. The housing market was crazy awesome. We saw an opportunity, lined up our affairs, and boom. Dirt acquired.

The house building process is a CRAZY one… everyone warned us. They were right. In the words of the man at Lowe’s, “Your husband is the contractor and y’all are still married?! God Bless You.”
Now, I’m going to take you along on the process with us! Granted, we still have a ways to go, but we are hopeful to be in by Christmas 2022! YAY!

My husband and I always talked about one day building a home. Little did we know we would start that in year 2 of marriage and not later on like we had originally thought. After praying on our decision, we realized it was now or never. Okay, maybe not never, but a pretty darn long time. We put our country home that sat on 5 acres and an unused farm on the market, found our piece of land, moved us and our then 6 month old in with my parents, and started the process.

Our process, due to land deeds and the county which we are building in, has been one with a slow start. It took close to a year from the selling of our home to the finalization of the deed and beginning construction on the new home. My parents have graciously allowed us to live with them during this process and we can never thank them enough. It also just so happens that our future home shares a driveway with my in-laws. Our baby is getting ALL the grandparent love he could ever imagine.

My father-in-law is a retired builder, which is where my husband learned all he knows about home building, giving us an advantage (sometimes in my mind a potential disadvantage but we’re working through that) of not having to have a hired builder or contractor. Also, knowing a lot of people in the home building industries that are specialized in their specific areas has been a huge help!

At this point in the process, we have a standing structure with a roof, some plumbing, some electrical done, cabinets ordered, windows installing this week, siding on the way, appliances to be delivered this week to sit until we’re ready to install, and one beautiful septic tank. Once the frame was up, it seemed as if the process started to really pick up the pace. I just hope it doesn’t slow!

Follow along our journey, and this multi part series of posts, of home building and making it in by Christmas 2022! The countdown is on! There are officially 117 Days until Christmas…hopefully we’re in by December 1st so we can spend the holidays at home! Wish us luck!


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