OMG, We’re Back AGAIN!

If you sang that in your head, you’re in the right place! Last month, my best friend and I traveled a few hours from home to have the ultimate concert experience…THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

To preface our adventure, my best friend, Cristina, had asked for these concert tickets as an anniversary gift from her husband. He so lovingly obliged, and much to my luck, did not want to experience the boy band heartthrobs of our younger years. We were supposed to go June 2021, but with the pandemic still in limbo the band decided to postpone it one more year to June 2022. I can respect that. So, June 28th rolls around and off we went to Alpharetta, GA.

We decided to make a day of the trip and go down early. Living only a few hours from this area, but never having been to this area, we explored a little. Here’s a bit of a recap of our adventure!

Hotel: We stayed at the EVEN Hotel, Alpharetta – Avalon Area, an IHG Hotel. I would 10/10 recommend this hotel. Beautiful, clean, spacious rooms. They even have a workout area IN the room fully equipped with yoga ball, yoga block, yoga mat, resistance bands, and a few more items. The bathroom was clean and had great lighting. *Checks make-up, tousles hair.* The beds were super comfy! The staff was nice and friendly, and it was in a safe area. I’d definitely stay here again.

Attractions: We were right across from the Avalon area where there is a ton of shopping. We did venture through, however, it was a bit out of our price range so we just window shopped mostly. We’re both teachers, IYKYK. (Where my teachers at?!) Some of the store options in this area range from Arie and Banana Republic to Chanel, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. We ended up making our way to the local mall, as it was only 5ish minutes away. It had quite a few stores, but also wasn’t overly packed or busy. It was a nice way to kill time until our festivities of the evening commenced. Honestly, we weren’t there to really shop. We were just too freaking excited for the night to start!

Food: After we got ready, matching shirts and all because it’s BS-freaking-B, we had dinner at The Village Tavern. We were not the only BSB concert goers there either so that was great! I ordered the Tavern Burger that was *chef’s kiss* perfection!! I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good burger. I’d also recommend the Lemon Berry Sangria. For someone who is not a wine drinker, I could’ve drank a pitcher of this deliciousness!

Venue: The concert was held at the Ameris Bank Amphitheater. We had a parking pass that allowed us to park close, which was SUPER nice. (Thank you, Christopher!) We also saw a lot of people tailgating before hand, which made us feel less out of place for doing that ourselves. After having our preconcert dance party in the car, we headed in. Cristina’s husband did us right by getting us seats under cover and in the middle of the venue (Again, Thank You, Christopher!). The next best seat, to us, would’ve been right up against the stage. Could you imagine TOUCHING a Backstreet Boy?! *SWOON*
As the rain came in and the heat continued to swelter, we were covered and dry, and the big fans kept us cool. There were plenty of bathrooms and beverage carts so there were never any suppppper long lines. I’ve seen a lot of posts on the popular page of Instagram of concert-goers that sat on the lawn in general admission and seemed to have loved their experience as well. So it seems that no matter where you sit in this venue, you’ve got an awesome seat!

Opening Act: Delta Goodrem. Go look her up. She’s GREAT! Honestly, I was definitely getting Celine Dion vibes from her.

The Main Act: The Backstreet Boys. I mean what else is there to say?! But really. This was hands down one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to, and Cristina and I both happen to be avid concert-goers. We stood the entire time and when it was over we both agreed we could’ve stood there and sang our hearts out for 3 more hours with our newly made BSB obsessed best friends, no questions asked. The entire show as a whole was absolutely amazing. The lights, the backgrounds, the singing, the boys, the choreographed dancing (my personal favorite because who can’t not love that!). You can tell a lot of time, effort, and love was put into this show, all with the fans in mind. When they first came out on stage we had the biggest smiles plastered on our faces and when we turned to look at each other and jump up and down like little girls, we couldn’t help but laugh that these now grown men could have this affect on us!
For a few hours, the world drifted away and our childhood of singing and dancing in our bedrooms to these classic songs came swirling back. Also, can we just mention for a minute…these men age like fine-freaking-wine! With them ranging from their 40s-50s and potentially looking hotter now than in their early days of BSB, whew-wee! I’m gonna need to know your secrets, boys. #TeamKevyKev

The Next Day: After our evening of childhood dreams come true, we woke up saying, “Okay…when are they close to home again and can we go see them?!” Low and behold…they’ll be coming to the great state of Tennessee in September! My birthday being July 16th, my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday…jokingly I said, “BSB TICKETS!” Thinking there was no way he’d go for it, but ladies…HE DELIVERED!! Cristina and I will see you boys, AGAIN, in September!


All in all to say, if you have the chance to experience BSB DNA Tour for yourself…DO IT. Don’t walk, RUN! Take your best friends, have a night out, and relive your childhood singing (screaming) songs and swooning over these guys you practically grew up with that have aged to perfection! You won’t regret it.


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